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15 Responses to Contact Us

  • hey selena how was your day today i love justin bieber too and selena your reaaly really a sweet girl

  • Selena please don’t get married two -timing Justin u know what he did to u besides he is not the right man for u I am and I will take his place and i will make u happy by giving u a birth stone and a chocolate snickers I do known everything about u cause u do have the same birth as I do and the same blood as I have is everything okay in your rehab let me know please besides I will do anything to have sex with u

  • Would u mind to tell Miley Cyrus that Clint Lewis just got your 209.59 but Clint Lewis dose needs your naked CDs and your naked DVDs as well it’s all Clint Lewis ever wants from u and from me Selena Gomez cause it turns Clint on but Clint Lewis also says the only Man that U Miley and I Selena deserve a new man for us is Clint Lewis and to marry its all Clint Lewis ever wanted to make us happy

  • About RDMA I will give u my vote is seven thousand and I live in Waco Texas and I am the same age just like u and I want u to have the red carpet as long u be careful with Niall he is okay but can he be trusted I just don’t want u get hurt

  • Hello mrs Gomez u do know that I did all this for u and I love to see u smile to make your night all because my vote has been to the top if it not to mush to ask of u to have sex with me after all u did earn my love that is how I feel about u # believe in me

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  • U Selena do have earn my heart of living independence u did the right thing

  • Do u ever dream if u do will u dream about me clint Lewis is wearing green lipstick green dress with green bra and green women’s underwear will it turns u on

  • Two-timer did not helped u only I clint Lewis who did helped u besides I will send your birthday gift it is on the way

  • P.s. I will do anything to have sex with u for real

  • Selena I know that u are not Pregnant cause I know u to well and u are not alone you’ll always have me besides I can be a ture father and a husband

  • Selena I clint can be your sex lover I will do anything to become that after all I did helped u just a little bit to win of radio destiny

  • I just bought your twist book today and hoping u got the message about what I did of your DVDs

  • Can u use my aol into your Facebook and please do not go back not with to timer Bieber after all he did hurt u cheated u and made u to cry I will never do that to u just use your women’s rights to turn against him and use name calling him instead of me after u did said that u loved me and trust me

  • gilles says:

    ok can someone tell me what happened I can not follow