Selena Gomez Gets A New Tattoo!

Selena Gomez got a new tattoo on Sunday night and decided to show it off to her fans. Inking in a very soft spot, right on the base of her neck, the entertainer has the roman numerals equally 76 on the back of her neck.

The ink, a tribute to a family member, definitely has the fans shocked as the star doesn’t like the process as she previously described it as painful.

The tattoo was gotten after the Global Festival at a New York City tattoo parlor for the stars. As the tattoo was fairly small in size and simple in design, it only took about 20 minutes for the numerals to be placed on the skin.

While the entertainer has another tattoo, Selena Gomez definitely was apprehensive about the process. Holding a friend’s hand the entire time, it seemed that the idea of getting the tattoo was more important than the pain.

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